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Email us at [email protected] or call us direct at 413 531-6506 to find prices for objects in our inventory. Buyers pay all delivery expenses, which includes packaging, shipping, and insurance. Once the Buyer has selected their choice of delivery service, we’ll provide an order total after shipping has been added to the purchase price. Our delivery service travels to each coast, and everywhere in between, at a very reasonable rate.


To order merchandise from our catalog, please email us or call 413 531-6506.


We guarantee the authenticity of all merchandise in our  inventory, and you may have full confidence in our catalog descriptions. If, upon receipt, merchandise is unsatisfactory, it may be returned immediately, in original condition, for a full refund of purchase price. Merchandise return delivery cost, which includes re-packaging, shipping, and insurance, is the responsibility of the Buyer.


Delivery/shipping throughout the United States and overseas is available through our carrier or yours. All arrangements can be made at time of purchase. Delivery/shipping cost within the U.S. from coast to coast and in-between is quite reasonable with the freight service we use.


We must receive and process your payment prior to merchandise shipment. Payment made by Money Order or Bank Transfer will ensure quick shipment. Please call us at 413 531-6506 if you’d like to pay with Visa or MasterCard. We discourage transmission of credit card numbers or other personal information by email. We accept payment by personal checks, but please allow time for your check to clear prior to shipment.

Please write personal checks payable to: Stuart F. Solomon Antiques

Other Merchandise

Additional merchandise can be viewed at our gallery during business hours or by appointment. We encourage your inquiries regarding our current inventory or any particular item you may be seeking. We are glad to reply to questions by email, or by other means acceptable to you, including requests for additional digital images.

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